Aviva Labs is a world leader in sunless tanning products.  Although the DHA cannot be certified as organic, Aviva carefully sources all of their organic ingredients, ensuring they meet standards of quality and ethics.  

All ingredients in their formulas are:

*Doctor formulated                                          *Water-based

*Natural-looking and long lasting                   *Fast-drying

*Even fading                                                        *Vegan

*Oil-free                                                                *Fragrance-free

*Alcohol-free                                                        *Not tested on animals

*Only made with FDA approved                       *Non-comedogenic


*PETA-approved                                                   *Free of harsh dyes and chemicals

*Water-based                                                        *Nut-free and allergen free

*Hypoallergenic.                                                   *Formulated with long term health

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